Fratelli Martinelli s.p.a. is an important industry with 65 years’ experience in the design and construction of dies and sheet metal stamping.

Why choose us?

Founded in 1952 by eight brothers, led by Silvano Martinellii, in Campo Tizzoro on the Appennine Mountains of Pistoia, a place of great mechanical tradition. Fratelli Martinelli originally dealt with the production of metal components and parts for doors and windows sold directly to wholesalers, as well as working for big companies like Zanussi, FIAT, Ferrovie dello Stato, Piaggio, who need to outsource the production of THEIR components.

From the 1970s, the company was under the direction of Delfo Martinelli and began to specialize in stamping processes for companies who need to outsource production, abandoning its own production in the 1980s to focus on the automotive sector.

The 1990’s marked the real turning point, when the company was passed to the next generation of management and corporate restructuring that brought fresh minds and brilliant ides, with new stimuli, ambitious goals and exciting challenges.

Once a small family-run business, nowadays Fratelli Martinelli s.p.a. is able to merge the know-how typical of a small artisanal workshop with state of the art technology, thanks to its constant update of machinery and production lines, as well as trained, expert staff who are reliable and ready to interact with international markets.

Our flexibility and ability to adapt to different needs and times of our clients have made Fratelli Martinelli s.p.a. and international leader in this sector and a reliable partner, able to support clients in the quest for mutual success.




The company is among the finalists for the Digital Innovation Award at SMAU



50% of production is for automotive companies



The company begins operating as producer of small metal components