The Die Production Department is equipped with state of the art CNC machinery and is able to produce dies internally therefore cutting out any intermediaries and cutting out-sourcing of costs. All machinery in this department is directly connected to and managed by the Technical Office.

The Die Production Department is supported by the Technical Office, dedicated to design and able to fulfil any specific needs thanks to its consolidated experience and use of software specific for stamping.

Our company specializes in progressive dies up to 3200×1400 mm.



    With its outstanding experience in the sector, Fratelli Martinelli s.p.a. can provide support to its clients from the very first phases of product development, by offering advice to optimize materials and design, in order to improve product quality and production efficiency.



    Once the preliminary study phase is completed, our company is able to start construction of prototypes and therefore run stamping trial tests before standard production begins.
    The creation of prototypes provides the opportunity to simulate the final production processes; clients will therefore be able to not only test the prototypes aesthetically but also test them as integral components of standard production.